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How does it work?

- The scale inhibiting element slots into an existing cartridge  such as a GAC or CTO cartridge and adds scale inhibiting ability to your water treatment.


How long does it last?

-  Treats up to 7,125 litres at a hardness of 250mg/l CaCO3 which is at the upper end of the 'hard' on the hard water scale. It will last longer in 'moderately hard' water i.e. 76 to 150 mg/l.


This product is a scale treatment modification for Double Open Ended (DOE) cartridges. It is designed to be used as a ‘bolt-on’ to your current radial flow sediment or carbon cartridge. Simply insert the element into the central core of your existing cartridge to provide it with the additional benefit of hexametaphosphate media to prevent scale formation and the precipitation of hardness forming ions.


Media: FDA Type Hexametaphosphate
Body: Polypropylene


Please contact us if you have any questions.

Scale Inhibiting Cartridge

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