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We specialise in the supply of commercial direct flow RO units in Ireland. These units are ideal for restaurants, coffee shops, beverage manufacturing and a range of other applications. We can supply a solution for any use case.

The commercial EcoSoft product line is under the RObust range, water purification of these models go from 55 litres per hour with the RObust1500 to 180 litres per hour with the RObust 4000. These units by default can be used tankless however storage tanks can also be added for special use cases where the customer requires.

There are varying models and features available for commercial units, if you need assistance in choosing a model, or feel free to contact us anytime. Price promise: We always strive to be the best value on the market and supply pricing often fluctuates, contact us if you feel we have missed the mark.

For generation larger than 180 L/h please see our Industrial section.

Cartridge kits for our commercial RO Units:

Individual cartridges for our commercial RO Units:

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