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Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Filtration Solutions

Having worked on the client side in GMP environments in both Pharmaceutical & Medical Device device manufacturing we understand the needs of this industry. Let us be your partner to design and optimise your filtration requirements.


Since then we have designed and supplied water filtration systems and components for major companies/public bodies across Ireland. ​We can supply water solutions and consumables for: Clean Water Utilities, Pharma/BioPharma applications, Medical Device Solutions, water baths etc.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

Let us help you with your sterile filtration needs. We stock filters and housings from all major brands or can also source to your exacting standards. Filters are available double bagged and gamma-irradiation if required. Full material tracability is supplied.

Sterile housings are also available with the below standards: 

  • 0.3μm Ra internal surface finish

  • Tri-clamp ports for industry compatibility

  • Pressure gauge for filter monitoring

  • Vent / test port for pressure release and integrity testing

  • Accepts 226 end-cap for added security and reduced bypass

  • FDA Compliant Materials

  • PED Compliant Article 4, Paragraph 3 Group 2 Liquids


Medical Device Solutions

We understand the requirements of keeping bio-burden and endotoxin levels low during medical device manufacturing. We supply a number of solution for water baths in this industry. Please contact us so we can improve and add savings to your process.

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