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Window & Car Washing Filtration

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For uncompromised water quality when cost is your main consideration we are your ideal partner for both supply of equipment and related consumables.

Ensuring spot and streak free surfaces, for window washing you can put your trust in our proven 4-Stage filtration system specially designed for window washing:

Stage 1 - Dual element sediment filter (removed dirt and ensures prolonged life of reverse osmosis membrane)
Stage 2 - Carbon block filter (ensures prolonged life of reverse osmosis membrane)
Stage 3 - High efficient, low cost Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane
Stage 4 - De-ionisation (DI) Vessel with high grade resin

Note: Depending on the feed water hardness you may need a water softener to prolong the life of your RO membrane, see our separate section below regarding this addition.

Our solutions are available in various sizes to suit your required daily usage, we will guide you through all specifications to ensure the solution matches perfectly your requirements however see typical options below:

Stage 1 & 2 - Typical size is 2.5" x 20" housing but of course BB10 (4.5"x10") & BB20 (4.5" x 20") sizes also available.
Stage 3 - Stainless Steel 4021 (4" x 21") or 4040 (4" x 40") RO housing sizes available.
Stage 4 - Various vessel sizes available from 3.6 litres to 84.6 litres. Most popular sizes are 6.8, 11.5 & 25 litres.

We are also more than happy to supply you with components individually as required.

Window Washing Deionisation (DI) Pressure Vessels

If you are just looking for a pressure vessel ready to go please see our below range. Constructed from food grade high density polyethylene (HDPE) and reinforced with fibreglass for added strength, temperature and pressure ratings, our vessels set a new standard delivering consistent performance and value for money.

Media volumes of our vessel range from 3.6 litres to 85 litres and are available in various diameters and heights. Operating Temperature rating is 1-50°C and working pressure is up 10.5 bar.

Vessels are supplied as complete kit, you just need to add your preferred resin. The below tank sizes are available:


Our shop contains our most common sizes however just get in contact if you require anything different.

Window Washing Softening Systems

As general rule if your water hardness is above 150 mg/l CaCO3 a softening unit should be considered to prolong the life of the reverse osmosis membrane. We have specially designed system for window washing, these are fully functional units with a manual backwash ensuring softened water for your washing needs.

Ireland has varying degrees of water hardness with some areas unaffected and some with significant issues. The image from the Geological Survey of Ireland can help give an indication of hardness in your area.

Our window washing softening units are supplied as complete kit with resin pre-filled allowing you to 'plug and play' and start washing right away.


(Click image to enlarge)

Car Washing Filtration

For commercial solutions please reach out to us directly, we have supplied bespoke filtration solutions to car wash companies in Ireland, from traditional filtration to specialist re-circulation/reuse systems we have you covered.

For domestic car washing we have first hand experience in wanting the perfect gleam off our cars, a finish of course spotting can ruin. For these applications we recommend a miniature deionising unit. The unit contains DI resin which is fully replaceable when depleted ensuring an economical solution. The strategy is to wash the car using your normal water and then for the final rinse switch over to having the deionising unit online. This ensures longevity of your DI resin while keeping costs low.

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