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About Us

After years of working in water systems and process design for major pharmaceutical and medical device companies we founded Water Filtration Ireland. The goal of our web-shop is to supply high quality and certified water filtration systems direct to the domestic & commercial markets.

We are still very much involved and available for commercial consultation no matter what the design size and have a proven track record of delivering quality solutions, please reach out via our contact for to start the process with our engineering team.


About EcoSoft / BWT

The mainstay of our domestic products are supplied by EcoSoft / BWT who are simply unrivalled when it comes to quality water filtration equipment. Furthermore equipment is available at an affordable price.

EcoSoft product quality is certified by EAC, NSF, and TÜV SÜD. Ecosoft themselves are ISO:9001, 14001 & 45001 certified.

When it comes to water purification you should be confidant that units are manufactured to a high specification using quality raw materials and obtain relevant product certifications, all of which is available with Ecosoft products.


We encourage you to shop around, most of our competitors products do not carry the same certifications, if any at all. Furthermore many units on the market are spurious Chinese manufactured units, local suppliers often re-brand these as their own and the actual manufacturer along with any trace of product quality information is often impossible to find.

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