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Deionised Water

​Deionisation (DI) is the process typically employed as the final polishing stage in a water treatment system. DI resin reduces dissolved ions, thus creating a source of pure deionised water suitable for pharmaceutical, laboratory and other critical applications. To do this Mixed-bed cation and anion beads exchange contaminant ions such as zinc,fluoride and copper with hydrogen and hydroxide; effectively forming H₂O.

Having designed and supplied water filtration systems and components for major companies/public bodies across Ireland we are your ideal partner. 

For window and car washing solutions please see our dedicated page:

Cartridges & Resin

We stock both pre-filled cartridges and 25kg bags of resin by major brands to solve all your deionisation needs.

Standard or colour change cartridges and resin are available to let you know easily visually when resin has been depleted.

Cartridges are available in many sizes, example 2.5" diameter, 10", 20" and 30" lengths along with BB10 (4.5"x10") and BB20 (4.5"x20") sizes.

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