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Buying Guides

Our goal is to break down the jargon so you can make informed decisions when you visit our shop. We sell to domestic and commercial customers. See our video guide page for easy installation and subsequent filter cartridge change-out for the home user. Please also contact us at anytime as we are on hand for any technical queries. See our popular topics below:

Instructional Videos

We have a large range of videos covering our many systems, this makes any work a breeze, even for home users.

Reverse Osmosis Units

Reverse Osmosis is the Gold Standard in Water Filtration, we stock 5/6 Stage Domestic and Commercial Units.

Well Water &
Whole House Filters

These filters are great at removing unwanted debris from entering your water system.


We have certified solutions to ensure safe drinking water, see how we can help you.

Specialist Filtration

We have solutions for addressing all common water issues, lead, heavy metals, manganese, pH Adjustment etc.

UV Sterilisation

UV Sterilisation can be used by itself or with other filtration methods. See what solution is suitable for you.

3-Stage Filtration

Ideal for taste improvement of domestic water supply

Rainwater Harvesting

We can help you treat collected rainwater for non potable use.

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