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B METERS (Italy) Water Meters

A water meter on your filtration equipment is a great investment, it allows you to change media based filters (such as GAC & CTO filters) based on usage, ensuring you are not changing too early or late and maintaining best value for your installation.

We are proud distributors of B METERS product range. B METERS is an Italian company that has been designing, producing and distributing instruments and solutions for measuring the consumption of water and energy used for heating and cooling, for over 25 years.


Their yearly production output currently exceeds 1.8 million units anually. All meters have approval certificates in the most restrictive of the 2014/32/EU Module B (MID) regulation. The company is certified with ISO 9001:2008, the 2014/32/EU module D (MID), the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and operates in compliance with the UNI-EN 17025 regulation for the activities of testing and metrology calibration.


There entire range covers about 40+ products, we stock the most popular 3 meters that cover 95% of installations. Please reach out if you need a specialist model. 

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