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UV sterilisation is a critical part of providing safe water. We only stock certified units from two of the main global brands, ensuring absolute confidence in performance.

Our Brands:

  • LUMINOR Environmental is a Canadian manufacturer of ultraviolet water treatment solutions for home and industry. With their new product ranges LUMINOR are fast becoming the most dominant in the market.

  • VIQUA is also a Canadian manufacturer, with over 600,000 installations around the world, VIQUA is one of the most recognised and respected global brands of residential and light commercial UV water systems. 


Please contact us if assistance needed on selecting a unit. We also wholesale to trade customers, please contact for more information.

We also stock a range of add-on modules for your UV installation. Please contact us if you are unsure what you need.

We also stock a range spare parts for your UV installation. Please contact us if you are unsure what you need.

Helpful Buying Information

What is UV Sterilisation?

UV Sterilisation uses a high intensity (16 mJ/cm2 upwards) bulb that emits light in the UV spectrum (approx. 300nm) to deactivate a wide range of microorganisms. It is a robust and proven sterilisation method. Water goes in the inlet, passes the high intensity bulb and comes out the outlet.

Why should I install?

In certain mains water and domestic well water supplies microorganisms are commonly present and can have a negative health impact.

The most well known in Ireland is cryptosporidium.

A UV unit sterilises the water deactivating these microorganisms.

Which unit is right for me?

Some users fit UV units under the sink which is ideal for drinking water tap.

Others in known highly impacted areas fit external units on well water supplies etc, there is different sizes to suit different flow rates/water usage situations.

How often does the UV bulb need changing?

The bulb should be changed every 9,000 hours / 1 year. Depending on the system there is an hour countdown on the unit to alert the user on the exact time to change.

Will I be able to fit myself?

Our aim is to sell to the domestic market for self-installation.

The Ecosoft units are the most friendly on the market with clear instructions are colour coded parts.

Parts are supplied to account for installation in a typical Irish plumbing installation.

We are on hand to provide support at any time required.

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