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This listing is for an EcoSoft unit to deal with sediment and turbidity issues. This is supplied complete with Clack Filter-Ag Plus® media. These are built by Ecosoft using the industry leading Clack timed control valves.


Clack Filter-Ag Plus® is a unique natural ore called clinoptilolite that can used for the removal of fine sediment and other suspended matter. Filter-Ag Plus® granules have an angular shape, rough surface and microporous void spaces as small as 3 microns, resulting in a surface area over 100 times greater than silica sand. The angularity of the granules and the tapered internal pore spaces allow for reduction of dirt, silt and organic matter suspended in water by bridging, straining and adhesion. With an appropriate bed depth, filtration of suspended solids down to the 5 micron or less is possible.


Price includes pallet delivery anywhere in Ireland.


If you supply your water analysis we can pre-program the control valve for your exact water composition. It's a good idea to run your water sample past us anyway to see if we can save you money.


This is an idea cost effective unit to solve your Sediment and Turbidity issues. Fitting is easily achieved by competent homeowner with setup videos available to simplify the installation.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What size unit do I need?
As a general rule of thumb and from our experience to date the below would be a good guide:
1044 - 1.9 m3/hr - Household of 5 people.
1054 - 2.2 m3/hr - Household of 6 to 7 person
1252 - 3.2 m3/hr - Large house / Complex / Dairy etc.
1354 - 3.9 m3/hr - Large house / Complex / Dairy etc.


Where should I install?
The simplest place to install this type of equipment is in an external pumphouse.


What are the running costs of a Sediment and Turbidity Unit?
Aside from a negligible use of electricity there are no other running costs of this unit and it does not require any consumables.


Does this equipment need servicing?
This is a long term investment and can last 15 years or more. Like any other mechanical item your unit will need annual servicing to ensure a long operating lifetime. Servicing is easily carried out by the homeowner and we provide full information on this.


Please contact us if you have any questions, we are only too happy to help.

EcoSoft Filter AG+ Sediment and Turbidity Unit

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