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3 Stage Filtration

This is a unit comprising of 3 filter housings typically placed under a users sink kitchen sink. It is one of the most low maintenance filtration systems.

What are the Benefits?

  • Improved taste and quality of water

  • Noticeable reduction in scale and appliance lifespan.

  • Easy to install

  • Low Maintenance

  • Cost Effective / Inexpensive

  • Negligible drop in incoming water pressure

  • BPA Free

What are the 3 Stages?

The stages can be tailored to specific user requirements but typically they are sold in a 3-pack all replaced together and are:

Stage 1: Removes large impurities (sand, silt, rust, etc.)
Stage 2: Softens water, removes chlorine, harmful organic and organochlorine substances, metals, phenols and petroleum products.

Stage 3: Fine water purification. Activated coconut carbon cartridge. 

Testing Kits

What water tests can I carry out?

Currently we sell water hardness test kit. From this you can understand if necessary precautions need to be taken to protect your appliances. (from protecting Kettles to Washing Machines and Hot Water Cylinders). There are many solutions and we are happy to help you with a suitable solution.

Other Tests

We can supply other test kits on request and also send your water to a laboratory if required.

Everything Else: FAQ

Pressure Vessels

Why do I need a Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessels are supplied with all domestic reverse osmosis units and are an option for commercial units. Since Reverse Osmosis takes time to process the water on demand water is supplied from the pressure vessel having been purified previously.

What size pressure vessel should I get?

This is really only a question for commercial users. To combat peak demand the larger the better. We currently supply up to 60L vessels and multiples can be connected together if required.

Everything Else: FAQ

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Water Chillers

What are water Chillers?

Water Chillers are ideal for domestic and commercial customers. They can be installed between your water faucet and your filtered water outlet or mains water, delivering on demand chilled water.

Where are they installed?

Water Chillers are typically installed under-sink/counter and are designed in a nice form-factor.

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