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Ecosoft Standard 3-Stage water filter, supplied with everything you need to get started.


Our units are certified, made from quality materials and adhere to all required regulations. Please keep this in mind when selecting a water filter for your home.


  • Includes: Filter housings & filters, tubing, tap/faucet & plumbing adapter t-piece..
  • 3 steps for purification of  water.
  • Water softening and chlorine removal.
  • Filtration rate 1 litre per minute.
  • Easy installation and replacement of cartridges.
  • Compact filter dimensions.


During filtration the water passes through 3 cartridges in turn:


Stage One

Removes large impurities from water: grains of sand, rust.

The cartridge material is polypropylene foam.


Stage Two

Softens water, removes chlorine, harmful organic and organochlorine substances, metals, phenols and petroleum products. The cartridge is filled with the Ecomix filter material.


Stage Three

Fine water purification. Activated coconut carbon cartridge.


BPA Free Ecosoft triple filters are made from primary food material (polypropylene). In the production of these plastics, bisphenol is not used, and their composition is in accordance with the EU Directive "Items used for contact with food."

Ecosoft 3 Stage Filtration Unit

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