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Whole House Filters Buying Guide

Why buy from us?

We are a family owned Irish company who take great care in providing the best possible service.

We offer unrivalled customer service and have great knowledge on our products.

Why buy Ecosoft Products?

EcoSoft are one of the most popular global brands when it comes to water filtration. Certification is very important in relation to water treatment.

Whole House Filters

Why Whole House Filter?

Whole house filters are ideal for protecting your water system from unwanted damage/blockages as a result of debris. A surprising amount of debris can enter from the mains water system over years and impact the household system.

Which Model Housing?

The only difference between the models is the amount of water throughput that can be handled. 

The BB10 would suit most households. The BB20 would suit larger households.

These housings can be daisy-chained together if multiple filtration steps required, see the cartridge models available below.

Specific flow rate detail can be found on the product page.

Which Model Filter Cartridge?

Typical house installations use a 10 or 20 micron particle filter cartridge.

Advanced cartridges are available such as:

Carbon Block Cartridge

Activated Carbon Cartridge

Iron Reduction Cartridge

Hydrogen sulphide reduction Cartridge

Where should I install it?

They can be installed externally if a suitable place available.

The BB10 can fit under the sink and catch all incoming water.

Most users install in the attic as easy to tap into the main supply to the water tanks. This would mean the water to the kitchen sink is not filtered as the downside.

How often do the filters need changing?

This really depends on usage, for a typical household changing the cartridge every year is recommended.

Will I be able to fit myself?

Our aim is to sell to the domestic market for self-installation.

The EcoSoft units are the most friendly on the market with clear instructions are colour coded parts.

Parts are supplied to account for installation in a typical Irish plumbing installation.

We are on hand to provide support at any time required.

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