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See user manual here on how to install.



  • Viqua UV disinfection system for the purposes of inactivation of bacteria and viruses in the incoming water supply. This UV system has an integral countdown timer to indicate when the UV lamp needs to be replaced. UV lamps degrade over time and must be replaced every 12 months.



Equipped to inactivate chlorine-resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, harmful bacteria like E.Coli, and viruses not visible to the naked eye.

Specially designed and tested SterilumeTM-EX lamps provide consistent and reliable ultraviolet output over the entire life of the lamp (9000 hours) to ensure continuous purification. Always use Viqua genuine replacement lamps and sleeves.

The system is simple to maintain and service allowing for easy lamp replacement.


Built with a durable stainless steel chamber to prolong life and eliminate ultraviolet light degradation.

The controller visually displays the remaining lamp life and will go into alarm if the lamp fails.

The controller has a sealed case to prevent damage from accidental water intrusion and is fully CSA and CE compliant.


We stock the most commonly sold units. Approx. 1 week lead time on non-stocked units. Please contact if required to confirm.

Viqua UV Units

Tax Included
  • UV Model Rated Flowrate Port Size
    VH150 1.14 m3/hr - 5gpm ¾” or 1” Available
    VH200 1.7 m3/hr - 7.5 gpm 1”
    VH410 3.41 m3/hr - 15 gpm 1”
    VP600 5.68 m3/hr - 25gpm 1”
    VP950 8.63 m3/hr - 38gpm 1.5”
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