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Rain Water Harvesting Buying Guide

Why buy from us?

We are a family owned Irish company who take great care in providing the best possible service.

Having supplied Reverse Osmosis to domestic, industrial and commercial customers all over Ireland we are your ideal partner. 

We offer unrivalled customer service and have great knowledge on our products.

Why buy EcoSoft?

EcoSoft, part of the BWT group is one of the most popular global brands when it comes to water filtration. EcoSoft supply residential, commercial and industrial size Reverse Osmosis units.


Certification is very important in relation to water treatment and these units are all fully certified ensuring safe and reliable water.

Where do I start?

For replacements parts for existing installations just contact us and we will give you the repair/replacement options.

The below topics are often relevant to treatment of water on the farm:

For new installations we can talk you through a complete installation. The best place to start is to have a water test done to see what type of water treatment you need. contact us and we can put you in touch with our testing partner.

Reducing Chlorine usage in the Farm

We understand the challenges currently with reducing Chlorine in farm water. Talk with us to design a solution for your facility, it is easier than you think.

Will I be able to fit myself?

Our aim is to sell to the domestic market for self-installation. Parts are supplied to account for installation in a typical Irish plumbing installation and we are on hand to provide support at any time required. Drawings are intuitive and straightforward.

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