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The most reusable cartridges in our portfolio, nylon mesh filter sleeves offer an economic solution for reducing coarse particulates between 60 & 350 micron. With a comparatively small surface area, the nylon sleeves are manufactured from washable media for reuse time and again.


This size is designed to work with 2.5"x10” regular diameter housings, each sleeve must used with a support core (included as standard).


For longer lengths units can be coupled together. For 20" lengths 1 coupler needed, for 30" lengths 2 couplers are needed.


Also available for BB10 (4.5"x10") & BB20 (4.5"x20") size housings. See relevant section on our website


Cores are colour coded also for easy identification:

60um (white)
100um (blue)
150um (brown)
200um (green)
350um (grey)

Reusable Mesh Filtration

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