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Our most popular Reverse Osmosis Unit, the Ecosoft Standard 5 Stage with remineralisation Reverse Osmosis unit is a top tier water filter. The unit includes an 11L tank and stylish faucet ensuring purified water always on demand.


Note: Typically the 6th stage is the mineralisation stage however in 2023 EcoSoft optomised their range to 5 stage units with mineralisation. With this change performance is maintained while cost is reduced. If you would like an un-mineralisation unit please let us know and we can adjust prior to shipping.


Ecosoft product quality is certified by EAC, NSF, and TÜV SÜD ensuring clean and safe water. Ecosoft themselves are ISO:9001, 14001 & 45001 certified, this ensures quality materials are used and all required regulations are adhered to. Please keep this high quality in mind when selecting a RO unit for your home.


See here if unsure if you need a pumped or unpumped unit.


Filter capacity - 8 l/h. The filter purifies water from 99.8% of contaminants, including viruses and bacteria.


The advantages of reverce osmosis:

  • RO (reverse osmosis) is the most reliable water treatment technology for removing unwanted contaminants.
  • Purified water does not require boiling and is completely safe for small children.
  • With a RO filter, you can enjoy pure, clean and tasty water every day at an affordable price.


Benefits of using Filtered Water:

  • Vegetables cooked in water will retain all the necessary nutrients.
  • Tea and coffee will have better taste and aroma.
  • Home appliances - kettle, iron, steamer, humidifier - will be protected from scale and associated breakdowns.
  • With the built-in mineral-filter you will get essential minerals.

Who are its users?

The RO filter Ecosoft Standard is best suited for typical households. The filter makes water safe and also protects your household appliances from scale formation when plumbed accordingly.

Ecosoft Standard Pumped Reverse Osmosis Unit

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