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Designed to protect water heaters and other appliances from the buildup of scale. Easy change of filter cartridge when required.


Nylon mesh reduces the content of sediments larger than 100 micron including sand, silt, and rust.

High operating temperature of heated water - up to 105 °С;


It has a capacity to treat 20,000 L (5,300 gal) or 400 washing cycles of water, this allows daily washing for more than one year.


The Scalex filter media releases specific volume of substance sufficient for scale prevention.


It's important to know that the filter does not soften water, but has an impact on hardness salts and protects heating elements of washing machines and dishwashers.



  • Filter comprehensively solves the problem of hardness, it stops the growth of scale crystals – special component of the media does not let crystals form into crystal lattice