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This listing is for an EcoSoft water softner complete with softening resin and salt bin/reservoir which is everything you need to solve your water hardness issues. These are built by Ecosoft using the industry leading Clack metered control valves.


Units can be suppled with a timed valve instead of a metered valve for €169 cheaper for all sizes if required, this is not entirely reccomended for most applications.


Price includes pallet delivery anywhere in Ireland.


If you supply your water analysis we can pre-program the control valve for your exact water compoition. It's a good idea to run your water sample past us anyway to see if we can save you money.


This is an idea cost effictive unit to solve your water hardness issues. Fitting is easily achieved by competent homeowner with setup videos available to simplify the installation.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What size unit do I need?
As a general rule of thumb and from our experience to date the below would be a good guide:
0835 - 0.8 m3/hr - Houshold of 2 to 3 people
1035 - 1.2 m3/hr - Houshold of 3-4 people
1044 - 1.6 m3/hr - Houshold of 5 people
1054 - 2.0 m3/hr - Houshold of 6 to 7 person
1252 - 2.4 m3/hr - Houshold of 6 to 7 person
1354 - 3.0 m3/hr - Houshold of 7+ people


Should I buy a unit with a TC (timed) or CI (metered) valve:
If budget allows a CI metered valve is always reccomened, this means the units only regenerate when the predetermined amount of water had passed, ensuring no wasted salt by unecessary regeneration and less mechinal wear on parts.


Where can I install a water softener?
The simplest place to install this type of water softener is in an external pumphouse.


What type of salt does an the softener use?
All softeners use tablet salt. This is widely available through retail outlets, builders/plumbers merchants or garden centres. It comes in 10kg or 25kg bags. Recommended brands are Ecosil, Broxo or Axal Pro.


What are the running costs of a softener?
Aside from a negligable use of electricity water softenera use salt and water to carry out its cleaning process (regeneration or recharge).  As a guide an average family could use 8-10 bags of 25kg of salt a year, which is approximately €80-100 a year.


Do water softeners need servicing?
A water softener is a long term investment and can last 15 years or more. Like any other mechanical item your water softener will need annual servicing to ensure a long operating lifetime. Servicing is easily carried out by the homeowner and we provide full information on this.


Benefits Of Soft Water

  • Baths, shower enclosures and sinks are no longer stained by mineral deposits
  • Usage and spend on detergents and shampoos is reduced by up to 50%
  • Energy bills can be reduced by at least 10%
  • Hair feels softer and clothes are softer and brighter as a result of using soft water
  • Time is saved cleaning and no need to use harsh detergents
  • People with eczema and other skin conditions have seen significant improvements


Please contact us if you have any questions, we are only too happy to help.

EcoSoft Water Softener

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