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Size: 2.5"x10". Fits standard housings. DOE end caps.


Treatment capacity: 
Chlorine Reduction @ 2mg/l: 190,000 litres*
Chlorine Reduction @ 0.2mg/l: 1.6 Million litres**


In Ireland the average household uses 125,000 litres of water per year and as a general estimate from available Irish Water data the Chlorine concentrations would be under 1mg/l , from this a single cartridge would comfortably last 1 year.


*Chlorine capacity using 2mg/l free available chlorine at 0.5mg/l breakthrough
**Chlorine capacity using 0.2mg/l free available chlorine at 0.05mg/l breakthrough


Specifically formulated cartridge for effective chlorine and chloramine control. Having been manufactured within a five-stage process, this ultra porous catalytic activated carbon cartridge offers up to 10 times the chlorine / chloramine capacity of a typical carbon cartridge. Essential for use in public water supplies where chlorine or chloramine has been added as the disinfecting agent of choice. Also suitable for Renal dialysis & aquatics systems where strict chlorine and chloramine control is required.


Since the filter is also nominally rated at 1 micron, pre-filtration (5 micron) is recommended to maximise service life and prevent premature blocking.


Larger sizes are available if required, e.g. BB10 & BB20 sizes.


Please contact us if you require any assistance.

Chlorine Filtration Cartridge

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